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Why I Started an Entire Community to Mentor and Coach Aspiring Financial Professionals

I often get asked about the “why” behind Jumpstart.  If you’re reading this and interested in a career as a financial professional , then you’re about to get the FULL story on why I do what I do and how I built the first international community for aspiring financial professionals just like you!


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The Backstory

Plainly stated…I was frustrated.

I was frustrated by the number of people that didn’t have access to R(elatable) E(mpathetic) A(ttentive) L(istening) financial advice(Note:  My acronym for R.E.A.L. is not trademarked, but please don’t borrow with out proper attribution 😄)

At the time, I was trying to figure out how to implement this concept in a firm that was focused on investment and asset management only.

financial professional

I really wanted to change the way that the financial services industry delivered financial advice to people so I wouldn’t have to keep hanging the value of the financial advice I gave on investment performance.

What I wanted…

I wanted to be able to start providing financial advice from the perspective I felt the industry was headed in the future so that I could see the results of people winning with their money, making better decisions and living a better life altogether.

However, I was working for an employer that didn’t understand this concept. That meant I wasn’t able to start providing financial advice from the perspective I felt the industry was headed in the future, let alone see the results of “people winning with their money, making better decisions and living a better life altogether.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because I was obligated to serve the type of clients my employer had in the way he wanted because that’s what I was paid to do. I felt even worse about the situation because I was convinced that comprehensive planning was a better way to help clients achieve the true TIME and MONEY freedom they desired. I was torn, because I felt like I was being pulled in different directions and was constantly struggling with this conflict.

What I decided…

The problem was that the harder I pushed for changes to the firm’s planning philosophy and framework the worse the relationship with the owner got. Which meant I was forced to decide that starting my own firm was the only way I would have MORE control over the outcome I wanted for the clients I worked with, which meant I would have to leave my $275K per year income and start with virtually no clients and build a firm from the ground up.

What happened…

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

That’s when I was researching how to start a RIA (registered investment advisory) and I ran across an article on Kitces blog about “How to Start a Firm for Under $10,000” which provided me with that extra shove of confidence on launching my firm!

It was now crystal clear to me how to put together the essential elements of launching a firm (which I already knew how to do somewhat from previous experience). I also saw how this would allow me to finally control my destiny by launching a firm that specialized in delivering R(elatable) E(mpathetic) A(ttentive) L(istening) financial advice.

I also learned that you do not need to serve a whole lot of client families to provide for your financial needs, you just need to focus on becoming an expert in what you do really well so that you attract the high-value clients you want instead.

As a result, I launched my own RIA in less than 45 days.

financial professional

After I did that, I started finding clients that desired to work with a planner that delivered R(elatable) E(mpathetic) A(ttentive) L(istening) financial advice.

Suddenly, I was experiencing the freedom (emotionally and mentally) that I wanted because I was able deliver comprehensive financial planning advice (i.e. spend more time on the things I wanted to do) and this success delivered the TIME and MONEY freedom I wanted.

That’s when I realized that developing a story you can TELL is better than any product you could SELL. This is what will attract the RIGHT clients to YOU.

What happened (next)…

Initially, my plan was to just build a firm that served my ideal client and call it quits (honestly), but in hearing from so many people about how refreshing, but rare, my framework was I knew I had to give this away.

So I started thinking of how I could teach what I had learned to the “investing public” so they could do it on their own, since I couldn’t work with every family.

After all, I thought my ideal client was the consumer of financial services—and it was—from a wealth management perspective.  But I’m getting ahead of myself a bit…😄.

With the consumer of financial services in mind, I created a course that wasn’t successful, because I overlooked the fact that MOST people don’t want information so they can “do it themselves”, they want help or assistance (i.e. “do it for me” or “do it with me”).

Also during that time, I started creating videos and giving information that either consumers or providers of financial services could use that described the process and framework that I had learned.

But there was still a problem…

What happened (after that)…

In doing all that, I realized the following:

1) It was only CONTENT. Content is great.  The InterWebs are full of it.  (InterWebs = Internet…you knew that, right 😄) but creating topical videos would never help people enough. They wouldn’t empower a consumer of financial services to feel as if they could create their own plan, nor would they empower an aspiring financial professional to believe that they could create a financial plan for someone.

2) I was missing CONTEXT. Context provides a framework for a particular situation and pairs well with content. It’s like knowing that flour, eggs, and sugar are what you need to bake a cake (that’s content), but what order you mix them together, what temperature you bake it on and for how long (that’s context) makes all the difference on whether you have something edible in the end.

3) I had a new CHALLENGE.  So I was challenged on how to marry my CONTENT with CONTEXT so that I could share what I knew with the group of people that needed it the most.

What I figured out…

I ended up taking the years of content I’d created (in the form of video, audio and written blogs) and piecing it together into a contextual framework that helped aspiring financial professionals, career changers and the like provide R(elatable) E(mpathetic) A(ttentive) L(istening) financial advice.

I chose to call it the “Career Changer Blueprint Program”.

I thought that if I could create something that would make it possible to help aspiring financial professionals navigate the transition into a financial services career, I’d be really happy with that result–not to mention the overall benefit to the profession of financial planning.

After creating over 2 videos per week for nearly 2 years (mostly on YouTube), consulting with dozens of financial advisors, and amassing 20 years of experience in financial services–I packaged the essentials of what you need to make the leap into this career whether you want to be a financial advisor, planner or coach.

This system would allow me to deposit what I had learned into the next generation of financial advice (i.e. nex-gen financial professionals) and have an infinite impact.  It was either this or attempt to build a large wealth management firm that would never be capable to serve everyone. I opted for infinite versus finite impact. 😄

What’s so amazing is that I feel that I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of individuals that want to have access to this system, so that together we can change the way that financial advice is delivered.

What the system does…

Currently, the Career Changer Blueprint Program:

1) combines 20 years of my knowledge and experience, along with countless conversations with advisors about advice and the industry into a concise, “one-stop” resource for career changers aspiring to enter this industry;

2) provides templates to create your own 12-month roadmap to make the leap into financial services along with access to monthly group coaching calls to give you the opportunity to reinforce your learning;

3) provides you with ACCESS to a network of professionals that I’ve painstakingly built during a long career in financial services to place you in the right spots to maximize your chances of success.

And maybe the greatest benefit of all…access to a community to hold you accountable and support you along the way!

Next steps for “the movement”…

I literally believe the “sky is the limit”, but my five-year plan is a bit more realistic 😄.

I’d love to see the platform not only specialize in the coaching and mentoring for professional development (that it does currently), but expand to CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ review courses, career placement services for aspiring financial professionals, and a business incubator for existing financial professionals to launch and grow their own firms.

Note:  If you’re still reading and want to try this out, check out the Jumpstart Accelerator program to sample the content.  Click here to find out more.

Since creating the platform a just using the power of organic reach with YouTube videos, a weekly podcast and social media, Jumpstart has become a community of members from all corners of the globe which is why I still say: the “sky’s the limit”!

Needless to say, I’ve also been able to stop wondering if I will leave a legacy of impact on the financial services industry. Nearly every day, I get the pleasure of receiving a comment, DM or otherwise about the lives Jumpstart is impacting through this platform.

And in the end, all of this means I’m now able to be directly responsible for sharing a framework of R(elatable) E(mpathetic) A(ttentive) L(istening) financial advice that will provide individuals with access to the TIME and MONEY freedom they desire.

I couldn’t ask for more.

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